A Town Reborn

Bindarra Creek A Town Reborn series consists of eight romances written by eight Australian authors and published individually (beginning in July 2019).

Details on each romance will be added when available.

In order of release:
Take Me Home – Suzanne Gilchrist (aka S E Gilchrist)
In the Heat of the Night – Susanne Bellamy
No Looking Back – Linda Charles
Worth the Wait – Annie Seaton
With Every Breath – Lauren K. McKellar
Stealing Her Heart – Simone Angela
A Twist of Fate – Erin Moira O’Hara
Promise Me Forever – Juanita Kees


TAKE ME HOME © Suzanne Gilchrist 2019

Take Me Home Suzanne Gilchrist

BLURB: Forgiving the past was too painful until now.

Almost forty, Abby Taylor has built a new life for herself in the small country town of Bindarra Creek. When an old friend convinces her to give two adolescent boys a temporary home, she is torn between a growing love for these orphans and the grief in her past.

After his marriage fell apart, Roman Taylor has focused on his career. An unexpected phone call sends him rushing to Abby’s side where he is drawn into his estranged wife’s new life – a life that could offer a future he thought he’d lost forever.

Will they embrace this second chance? Or will fate once again destroy their hopes and dreams?


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IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT © Susanne Bellamy 2019

BC_in the heat of the night ebook cover

BLURB: Fire Captain, Kel Jones, suspects an arsonist is active in his town of Bindarra Creek. But he’s distracted by his newest recruit, petite Greek goddess, Thalia of the divine-baklava.

When a callout to an accident gives him his first break in the case, he’s shocked when the investigation throws up an unexpected suspect. Sparks fly as the search for truth pits him against his newest recruit.


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NO LOOKING BACK © Linda Charles 2019

No Looking Back

BLURB: Hannah McKenna loves working with horses and is trying hard to keep it altogether after her first horse deal turns sour. She runs into trouble when she meets Blake Hudson – the man who put together the failed deal – who rescues her when she takes a nasty tumble from a horse. She likes him, simple as, and finds plenty of reasons to make him want to stay.

Blake Hudson feels like an imposter because he knows loved ones would walk if they knew the truth. He’s the dealmaker, the perfect go-between who puts together horse syndications and once the deal is done he moves on. His life takes a turn when he meets Hannah, the woman at the centre of his worst deal. Problem is he can’t keep away, but fears she will walk if she knew the truth about his past.
He hadn’t bargained on dealing with a mischievous third party called attraction.
When she discovers the truth, both realise they could lose everything, including each other.



gumnutsWORTH THE WAIT © Annie Seaton 2019

Worth the Wait Annie Seaton

BLURB:When Jaclyn Douglas is posted to Bindarra Creek High School as the new principal, she has plans to bring the school forward. Hiding a difficult past behind an aloof exterior, this committed career woman finds it hard to be accepted by the community. When Ryan Rossiter, her nemesis, turns up in town, Jaclyn wonders what else can go wrong in her life. If only Ryan wasn’t one of the good guys.

Ryan Rossiter has had enough of city life and moves to his property on the outskirts of Bindarra Creek. He can’t afford to live off the land, so he continues his work as a building contractor for the Education Department. Meeting up with Jaclyn again is a shock, because he knows very well why she can’t be trusted.

Why has she moved to this small loyal community? Can Ryan believe her assertion that she is here to stay?
And more to the point, can he resist the attraction that this woman holds for him, or will she pull him into her web of lies?


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WITH EVERY BREATH © Lauren K McKellar 2019

With Every Breath Lauren K McKellar

BLURB: Infantryman Jeremy Forster needs his final medical clearance to return to the frontline. But when he meets country girl Amie Stone he wants to fight not just for his country, but her heart as well.

Amie doesn’t need a knight in shining armour, but she can’t stay away from the man who helps her forget the darkness in her past. Perhaps she can be the one to help him heal—even if he doesn’t want to be saved.

Can they move on from their pasts and form a life together? Or will secrets and lies destroy their chance at forever?


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STEALING HER BREATH © Simone Angela 2019

Coming 15 December 2019