The Vine

Authored by Lauren K. McKellar, The Vine is a standalone book in the Bindarra Creek Series. Set in a struggling rural country town, it’s a new adult romance with a difference.

Releasing 7th April 2016!

TheVine_CoverFront_New2 (3)THE VINE © Lauren K. McKellar

Work hard. Family first. Protect your heart. 

They’re the three rules Eva Storey has lived by, ever since that one terrible night in her past. That one terrible night when Eva lost everyone she loved.

And it was all. Her. Fault.

Now, Eva spends her days working hard on the Storey Family vineyard, and on keeping her secret from everyone in town. She doesn’t have time for Bindarra Creek’s sexy new firefighter or his rigorous hazard-reduction burning.

And she definitely doesn’t have time to fall in love. When sparks fly between the strong-willed couple, Eva’s deadly secret comes tumbling out. Will their fiery passion be enough to overcome her charred past?

It’s fire season, baby, and Eva’s going to get burned.






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