Love and Life in a Small Country Town


The latest series encompasses seven mystery / romantic suspense stories where compelling heroes and heroines search for love and happiness while facing deadly danger. All written by best-selling Australian authors. Full details on the book page here.

In order of release:
Amulet of Death – Suzanne Gilchrist (aka S E Gilchrist)


Beyond the Gate – Rhonda Forrest

Protecting their Destiny – Erin Moira O’Hara

Only She Knew – Linda Charles

Secrets of River Cottage – Annie Seaton

Forgotten Secrets – Susanne Bellamy

A Perfect Danger – Phillipa Nefri Clark




Our beloved fictional, small town, Bindarra Creek has continued to grow and thrive. The third group writing venture consists of eight romances written by eight best-selling Australian authors.

Each story depicts the changing lives of the townsfolk and the dramas of everyday life in a small country town. Full details on the series page here.

Bindarra Creek A Town Reborn romances as they are released:

Take Me Home Suzanne GilchristJuly 2019

BC_in the heat of the night ebook coverAugust 2019

No Looking Back

September 2019

Worth the Wait Annie Seaton

October 2019

With Every Breath Lauren K McKellarNovember 2019

stealing her heart ebook Simone Angela

December 2019

A Twist of Fate Erin Moira O'Hara

January 2020

promise me forever ebook cover b

February 2020


Bindarra Creek Short & Sweet

Several members joined together to bring readers a collection of nine, short romances set in the Bindarra Creek world which was originally available for a limited time as an anthology.

We are delighted to advise that as from 2020, some of these novella romances are available as ebooks.

Please visit the BC Short & Sweet page for further details.


The Original – Bindarra Creek Romance Series

13 romances.      13 authors.      13 months.

Welcome to Bindarra Creek, a struggling country community whose townspeople work hard and love deeply.  Set in the tablelands of New England, Australia, the fictional Bindarra Creek is a drought stricken community full of intrigue, adventure, drama and honest country goodness. Life and love in a small country town has never been more challenging.

Bindarra Creek Romance Series Released Books

BINDARRA MAKEOVER ebook cover 9july2019    Shadows of the Heart    SUEBINDARRA4    The-CEO-Mechanic-Final--SJames-web (1)     reach+for+the+stars-+cover   home to bindarra ebook cover new cover

SE Gilchrist  Lee Christine  Susanne Bellamy Sandie James   Kerrie Paterson  Juanita Kees

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                 SS ebook cover      tempting-fate-ebook     OneMoreDayFinal        TheVine_CoverFront_New2 (3)     The Ghost of his Past - FINAL for web

              Stacey Nash     Erin Moira O’Hara    Linda Charles    Lauren McKellar   Simone Angela

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      Joanie&_39;s Dilemma MT                     BuckleysChanceFINAL

Marianne Theresa           Noelle Clark

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